Frequently Asked Questions

Is registering an account free of charge?

Yes, you can register an account absolutely for free and it takes less than 5 minutes. You can register your account here. (Put a link to smshour login system)

Do I have to sign any contract?

No, as we offer pay-as-you go account you don’t have to sign any contract. All you need to do is to create an account and charge it. That’s all.

I've made a bank transfer, but credits have not yet been added to my account.

It takes more time to charge your account via bank transfer than through PayPal or credit card. After such payment bank needs few days to book such payment on our bank account. If you’re waiting more than 5 days – please send us confirmation of transfer (Proof-of-Payment) to sms@smshour.comand include your account username in this message. We’ll charge your account as quick as possible.

I've paid using MTN Mobile online payment services, but points have not yet been added to my account yet money has been deducted off my account.

If payment was made using online payments and at times Telecom network is off, it can take up to 30 minutes to receive a Voucher in your email and phone number which then you can use to credit yourself or contact us at

Do my contacts pay to receive text messages?
Every carrier offers different text messaging packages but most consumers either have unlimited messaging plans or plans that include large numbers of messages per month.
How many characters may I include in a text message?
A standard text message is limited to 160 characters. Characters means letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and punctuation. However our system sends long messages and concatenates them.
How long does it take to deliver a text message?

Text messages are usually delivered to mobile phones in a few seconds to a few minutes. During peak hours, there could be a short delay. Please note that additional delays may occur if recipient’s phone is turned off or out of the coverage area. When this happens a carrier will attempt to deliver your message for up to 12 hours.

What is a ShortCode?

Short Codes, also called virtual mobile numbers (VMN), and short numbers, are special phone numbers that can send and receive text messages.

Can you guarantee delivery of every text message that I send?

No. As text messaging is a store-and-forward technology dependent on carriers and their networks, it is impossible to guarantee delivery of a text message.

What is the advantage of using text messaging?

Text messages are a brief, effective, inexpensive means of communication. Over 95% of text messages are opened within minutes of delivery! Most people carry their cellular phones with them wherever they go, so unlike email, text messages can reach people when they are away from their desks.

How much do text messages cost to send using SMSHOUR™?

Our prices start at 17 UGX per outgoing text message. Incoming messages are always free to the SMSHOUR™ user. If you go on a monthly plan we discount the price of your outgoing messages. If you purchase additional message credits in bulk we also offer discounts.